GradaDiez – App of your players


App of your players

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GradaDiez is a tracking app players Santander Liga (Spanish League 1st Division) that will be very useful to be informed of your players in virtual leagues based league Santander (Comunio, Futmondo, Net Liga …)

GradaDiez is intended for fans who want to follow the incidences of some specific players, such as those of your favorite team, those of your province, city or of course your favorite manager. Select them, add them to your team and receive notifications on your phone to know instantly their impact on and off the field, in addition to the scores obtained. With GradaDiez you will be informed first hand if your player is injured or is sanctioned as well as if summoned, alternate, etc. And if you want more information you can also check your record with palm groves and trajectory data and its statistics in Santander League and a full histogram points that will let you know your performance in your favorite manager.

You can also check previous and direct the parties, in addition to follow to receive real-time results of the day in progress, completed and future of this season.

Also if you have questions about a player or just have a suggestion, GradaDiez offers the possibility that you send a comment or question that will be answered by experts in the field.

And if you still want more information, you can always consult the most relevant news occurring in the league through the news section.

GradaDiez. For who really makes football players are.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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