Följ Växjö Lakers – An app for you who love Växjö Lakers.

Följ Växjö Lakers

An app for you who love Växjö Lakers.

Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 0Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 1Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 2Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 3Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 4Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 5Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 6Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 7Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 8Följ Växjö Lakers screenshot 9

This app is for a quick way to keep up to date on Vaxjo Lakers.

In the app, you get:

Player squad
Radio Sweden Hockey Podcasts
See what is written about Vaxjo Lakers on twitter
If you’re heading to an away game is a feature to see every stadium you’re heading to is
Follow Silly directly in the app. Data is retrieved from Elite Prospects.
Experience great Vaxjo Lakers memories.

With more.

Hockeypodden Sveriges Radio used with permission from the Swedish Radio.

The app uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous data in the app to the developer will be able to create the best app possible.

See more information: https://goo.gl/2y8W69


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