Bukovel “My SkiPass” Latest Version APK for Android

Bukovel "My SkiPass" download
Bukovel "My SkiPass" download

If you like skiing, snowboarding and Bukovel – this is what you need!. Bukovel “My SkiPass” is offered by Vladyslav Generalyuk. Last Updated: November 23, 2016. Current Version: 2.61

• the available information on your skipass or club card: name, date of purchase, history of ascents, etc.;
• the ability to scan the skipass or club cards using NFC (in case the card and your phone are equipped with the chip);
• the ability to name your skipass whatever you like;
• all the information about your skipass is stored on your device, allowing you to view it at any time, even when you’re offline.
• the additional stats on the skipass and club cards by days, months, seasons, and all time;
• an up-to-date schedule of the lifts and trails;
• the detailed specifications of every lift and trail (type, top and bottom altitude, altitude difference, length);
• the official map of the resort;
• a Google map of the resort with all of the lifts and trails marked, the app also shows your position on the map;
• all of the resort’s web cameras with the ability to view stream directly on the device (using a third party app such as MX Player);
• the app is translated into Ukrainian, Russian and English;

You are welcome to post any complaints, suggestions and requests on the Bukovel forum: forum.bukovel.com/viewtopic.php?id=8407

The app is provided as is, the author does not bear any responsibility for its operation.
The author is not affiliated with the administration of the Bukovel resort in any way.
All of the data is retrieved from the resort’s official web site bukovel.com/. The author is not responsible for the data not being up to date.

Latest Updates


WARNING! All ski-passes will be deleted during update! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fixed base app functionality (ski-passes, lifts and trails schedule, webcams).




Bukovel “My SkiPass” 2017

Download Bukovel “My SkiPass” APK for Android

Bukovel “My SkiPass” 2.61 screenshot

Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 0Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 1Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 2Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 3Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 4Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 5Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 6Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 7Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 8Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 9Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 10Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 11Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 12Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 13Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 14Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 15Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 16Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 17Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 18Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 19Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 20Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 21Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 22Bukovel "My SkiPass" screenshot 23

Android Sports Apps download https://goo.gl/O8YsFz


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