FEI EquiTests 1 – Lite – Explore the EquiTest app features with one sample test.

FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite

Explore the EquiTest app features with one sample test.

FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 0FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 1FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 2FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 3FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 4FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 5FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 6FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 7FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 8FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 9FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 10FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite screenshot 11

Evaluate the App features for free, then decide which FEI, USEF or USDF EquiTests collection is right for you. FEI EquiTests 1 allows you to explore the features with one sample test – the FEI Children’s Individual Competition Test.

Ideal for riders and trainers. A useful reference for judges and spectators. Study FEI dressage tests with a more visual and auditory learning approach. Each test allows you to:

• Read the test instructions along with the marking criteria
• Review dressage arena diagrams that animate through the movements within a test
• Play and record your own readings of the test that are perfectly timed for the individual horses and the arena in which you are practicing
• Reference and print the official FEI dressage test score sheet to see how judges will mark the users performance
• Understand the rules for dressage events as PDFs of related rule books are provided for reference on topics such as movement definitions, competition rules, dress attire, judging and veterinary inspection
• Keep up-to-date on the latest in dressage competition through the FEI news feed

To see a full listing of related applications, search for “EquiApps.com” on the Google Play Store.

Note: Diagrams are an indication only and should always be used in conjunction with the Official FEI Test Sheets which take precedence.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/cuKnMl


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